Another Reason to Quit Smoking

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A recent age-adjusted analysis published in, found that the only risk factors of lower Ab titres, (the titres that help protect from the COVID-19 virus) were being male and smoking cigarettes. The study also found that titres were significantly lower in current smokers than in ex-smokers. Now that over 60% of the population has been fully vaccinated, it might …

Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm Meeting Resistance

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Alzheimer’s is a horrible, debilitating disease that brings heartbreak and loss to way too many families. It is no wonder that drug manufacturers are working diligently to find a treatment. Sadly, many of the drug trials we have heard about have not been successful so imagine the excitement when Biogen announced they had a treatment option!

Senior woman lifting weights

You Don’t Use it You Lose It

Angie Szumlinski Studies

We have all heard the old adage, maybe from your parents or grandparents, You Don’t Use it You Lose it, right? Well in an interesting article published in Medical Xpress, they found that although physical activity does positively impact people with depression, treatment with antidepressants is more effective long-term! Does that mean we should sit home and take medications instead …

Closeup of a dog's nose

Sniff Test!

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I remember when my children were young and they would pretend to be sick so they didn’t have to go to school, although to this day they deny it! I also remember, this may sound weird but, smelling their breath. Yes, I would smell their breath to see if they had something “cooking” in their throat or sinus. Honestly, 99% …

Autoimmune Disease and COVID

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When COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic, many medical experts worked night and day to identify exactly what the virus was, how it was spread, how to prevent the spread, how to treat the virus, and who is most at risk for negative outcomes related to the virus. Without a doubt, frail elderly people were identified as the highest risk and …

Multistate Investigation of Non-travel Associated Burkholderia pseudomallei Infections (Melioidosis) in Four Patients

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The Georgia Department of Public Health, with assistance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is investigating a fatal case of Burkholderia pseudomallei infection (i.e., melioidosis) identified in late July 2021. Based on genomic analysis, this case in Georgia closely matches the three cases previously identified in Kansas, Minnesota, and Texas in 2021, indicating they all most likely share a …

Long-COVID in Children

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Just as the world began to turn versus spinning out of control, we are faced with the new challenge of protecting our children! The good news is that children 12 and older may receive the COVID-19 vaccine and are highly encouraged to do so. The bad news is that children under 12 are not currently able to be vaccinated, leaving …

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Happy Birthday, Risks!

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Happy birthday to you but before you celebrate you might want to read a study published in JAMA Network! The question raised: is there an association between household birthdays, which likely correspond to informal social gatherings and COVID-19 infection? Large gatherings of people and small social gatherings are thought to be an important source of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Although it is …

Transmission of Pan-Resistant and Echinocandin-Resistant Candida auris in Health Care Facilities

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Candida auris is an emerging, often multidrug-resistant yeast that is highly transmissible, resulting in health care-associated outbreaks, especially in long-term care facilities. Skin colonization with C. auris allows spread and leads to invasive infections, including bloodstream infections, in 5%–10% of colonized patients. Pan-resistant C. auris isolates have been reported previously, although rarely, from the United States (4) and other countries (5). Three pan-resistant C. auris cases reported in …