AHCA/NCAL Issues Policy Statement Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations of Long Term Care Personnel

Angie SzumlinskiHealth

To protect all residents, staff and others in our communities from the known and substantial risks of COVID-19, AHCA/NCAL strongly urges the vaccination of all health care personnel. COVID-19 vaccines protect health care personnel when working both in health care facilities and in the community. They provide strong protection against workers unintentionally carrying the disease to work and spreading it to patients and peers. 

AHCA/NCAL also supports all providers that adopt mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies for health care personnel, with state and local regulations and circumstances shaping whether and how these policies are implemented. Each state and facility must make the best decision for their specific circumstances. The pandemic has already exacerbated workforce challenges that long term care providers has faced for years. Vaccine mandates may further challenge providers trying to recruit and retain a qualified workforce. We renew our call for state and federal governments to enact solutions to help address these long-standing workforce challenges. 

To read their statement and review tips for implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies, visit the AHCA NCAL official website.