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HealthCap Insurance partners with HealthCap Risk Management Services to provide you with the best risk management available. We are the leading provider of risk management services to the long-term and post-acute care industry. We help our clients implement practical risk reduction solutions by leveraging experience, technology, and onsite training to drive better outcomes.

Why do HealthCap members have fewer claims? It starts with taking your community where it is and partnering with you to make it better. Our risk managers are experienced clinical experts who have stood in the shoes of those who provide the care. We are with you.

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Consulting Services

After dedicating decades to serving the senior living sector, we understand the importance of proactive risk management in minimizing claims. HealthCap members consistently experience half the industry average in both claim frequency and severity.

Endorsed by AHCA/NCAL and accredited by ANCC and NAB, HealthCap Risk Management Services offers comprehensive education for your nurses and administrators.

Consult with our risk management experts, either onsite or virtually, for tailored solutions. Whether you're gearing up for a survey, aiming to enhance your 5-star score, or seeking an independent assessment of your overall performance, HealthCap Risk Management Solutions is your trusted partner.

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Resource & Education Center

Elevate your expertise with our extensive library of over 100 webinars. Accredited by ANCC and NAB, our webinars offer valuable insights and continuing education opportunities tailored to the senior living industry.

At HealthCap, we're committed to fostering professional development and promoting excellence in care. That's why all our webinars are accessible to you completely free of charge. Whether you're seeking to stay current with industry trends, enhance your skills, or fulfill accreditation requirements, our webinars provide the knowledge and resources you need to succeed.

Best Practice/Policy Examples:

  • Diabetic Management
  • Mechanical Lift Slings/Belts
  • Medication Deviations
  • Mobility Devices
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Pet Program
  • Resident Leave of Absence
  • Smoking Protocol
  • Water Management Policy

Manual/Toolkit Examples:

  • Active Shooter Program
  • Disaster Preparedness Manual
  • Falls Toolkit
  • Restorative Nursing Program

Continuing Education Examples:

  • History of Past Non-Compliance
  • Pressure Injuries: Reducing Risk, Assessing and Treating
  • Mental Illness, Dementia and You
  • Pain Management
  • Restorative Nursing Series

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