Coverage For and By the Senior Living Sector

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Becoming a member means having a voice and having the support to protect your organization.

Member Ownership

HealthCap® is owned and governed by its members—the senior care communities that we insure. Surplus accrues to the benefit of our member facilities, not anonymous stockholders.
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Claims Expertise

Our claim management professionals are 100% focused on the management of senior care claims. They aren’t generalists—they’re experts. Our 24-hour SOS support systems, legal support hotline, and aggressive incident triage programs help us to rapidly respond to and minimize our members’ cost of claims.
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Risk Management

Every member receives risk management services because the most effective way to reduce liability costs is to address issues before they lead to claims. We provide a variety of risk management services, and each member chooses the services that best meet organizational needs.

The Best Insurance Protection Available

We offer the best professional and general liability coverage for the senior care sector. We listen to our members and tailor our coverage to meet their needs. We provide risk management services to help our members reduce risk and premiums, and we protect our members when a claim does occur.

  • Occurrence and claims-made policies
  • First-dollar coverage
  • Sexual molestation and abuse coverage
  • Extended coverage to medical directors, volunteers
  • Alternate, HUD-compliant structures available
  • Evacuation expense reimbursement
  • Crisis public relations expense reimbursement
  • Automatic coverage for specified additional insureds
  • No punitive or exemplary damages exclusion
  • 10% discount on insurance premiums to AHCA and NCAL member facilities in good standing

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We have your back

HealthCap is the nation’s leader in managing and mitigating senior care liability claims because we manage the situation—not just the claim. Our claims are 34% less costly overall and less expensive at every level of severity than our competition. And we’re fast. We close claims 42% faster than the industry average.

HealthCap returns better claim results than our competitors thanks to a proactive response to incidents and aggressive claim defense.

Expert Claims Defense in Every State

We win defense verdicts against the best plaintiff attorneys in the country, because we are experts at defending the modern senior living community claim.  In each state, we have expert defense attorneys dedicated to the long-term care sector that are ready to stand up and protect you.

HealthCap® Manages Liability Claims Better than the Competition

How does HealthCap achieve such great claim results, year after year? Two reasons: early intervention and expert trial attorneys. First, we intervene early in the lifecycle of a claim, mobilizing powerful resources in managing the incident. Next, if we go to trial, we bring our national trial counsel, attorneys with a proven track record of success. Since 2001, HealthCap has consistently beaten the industry in the two major measures of claim performance: severity of claims, and frequency of claims. What does that mean for you? Lower ongoing costs, fewer disruptions to your operations, and preservation of your reputation.

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HealthCap® Financial Stability

HealthCap is rated A, Exceptional by Demotech, Inc. Regardless of the severity of a general economic downturn or deterioration in the insurance cycle, insurers earning a Financial Stability Rating of A possess Exceptional financial stability related to maintaining positive surplus as regards policyholders.

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