Differentiate SARS-CoV-2, FLU A, FLU B and RSV

Angie SzumlinskiFeatured

Abbott Laboratories announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the company’s Alinity™ m Resp-4-Plex molecular assay to detect and differentiate SARS-CoV-2, influenza A, influenza B and Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV) in one test. This is an important tool because these viruses have similar symptoms but require different treatment approaches. This test is CE Marked and available in countries outside the U.S.

The Alinity m Resp-4-Plex test can be conducted with one swab specimen (anterior nasal or nasopharyngeal) collected by a healthcare provider or an anterior nasal swab specimen self-collected at a healthcare location from individuals suspected by their provider of respiratory viral infection consistent with COVID-19. “Abbott has been developing and introducing tests that have been playing a critical role in fighting the pandemic. The need for a combination of testing methods in different settings has never been more clear,” said Andrea Wainer, executive vice president, Rapid and Molecular Diagnostics Abbott. “This newest test will allow for fast and efficient diagnosis and triage of patients who present with respiratory symptoms so they can be given the right care.”

Research is our friend, indeed! Advances in testing capabilities can only assist us in early diagnosis through less invasive/traumatic procedures. No one enjoys a nasopharyngeal swab and now we have the ability to test for multiple infections with only one swab. Great news, thank you again researchers!

Stay the course, stay well, mask up, get vaccinated, and stay tuned!