Surveys Yikes

Angie SzumlinskiCompliance

In case you haven’t heard, regulatory surveys are back with a vengeance! Federal data indicates that the number of surveys conducted nationwide has risen 132% since 2020, leaving some wondering how fairly standards are being applied when COVID-19 is already forcing facilities to deal with staffing shortages, aging infrastructure, profit loss and increased scrutiny over everything from infection protocols to federal loans.

Remember, in fairness, in 2020 we had a huge drop in facility on-site, regulatory visits, right? So, a 132% increase from last year may be a skewed number. Bottom line, we are seeing much more scrutiny now that the pandemic is waning, and surveyors are more comfortable coming into our centers. Infection control surveys have led to an uptick in Immediate Jeopardy citations involving infection control, no surprise there either!

The case for infection control scrutiny is clear in the wake of COVID-19 outbreaks in some nursing facilities, some of which triggered federal investigations however is the current survey system treating all facilities like “bad actors”? Something to ponder on, right? I guess the bottom line is “always be ready”! Stay well and stay tuned!