Burnout Risks

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In an interesting article published in the American Journal of Critical Care, a national survey-based study, conducted by the Ohio State University College of Nursing in Columbus identified that nurses who perceived high levels of wellness support from their organizations were more than twice as likely to have better health than nurses who reported not having supportive worksites. This study …

COVID-19 Vaccine – Level of Trust

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In a recent article published in Skilled Nursing News, Lori Porter, the CEO and co-founder of the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) said “there is hesitancy, of course, until we know if it’s mandated or not, we’re not really going to know exactly what’s going to happen. From what we can tell, the CDC won’t make it mandatory, …

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What happens when the call-ins start?

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As an employer during a pandemic situation, you are able to ask if the staff member is exhibiting those symptoms reflective of the current pandemic, in this case, COVID-19. Does the staff member have complaints of shortness of breath, a dry cough, fever or sore throat? Have they been tested? This information is to remain confidential and maintained in the …