The Emotional PPE Project

Angie Szumlinski Featured

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many, but perhaps most prominently on health care workers. The Emotional PPE Project is attempting to solve this massive problem by connecting struggling health care workers with free mental health care from licensed mental health practitioners in their state. Ariel Brown, who created the Emotional PPE Project, describes the project as filling in an essential piece of PPE that health care workers have not been supplied during this crisis.

“PPE [personal protective equipment] is getting thrown around a lot,” she explained. “People in hospitals need masks and equipment to protect them from the virus and keep them safe and healthy. We feel there is a gap in [safeguarding] people’s mental health, and we’re providing that protection.”

– “Through a new site, health care workers can find mental health counseling for free” – Melissa Karen Sances

The project simply connects volunteer therapists to potential clients, and whether they choose to pursue telehealth sessions is up to them. All services provided are free of charge and the entire project is staffed by volunteers.

If you are a healthcare worker affected by the COVID-19 crisis, a mental health practitioner looking to help, or want to donate to The Emotional PPE Project, please click the link below:

The Emotional PPE Project